What's your Microsoft Teams health status?

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How it works

Review of your Teams

We will run a detailed analysis of Microsoft Teams within your tenant.

Get your report

Our comprehensive report will drill down into the finer details of your Teams environment by examining potential risks and issues.

Understand findings

Our team will walk you through the findings and highlight areas of concern.


Our experts will provide best practice advice and discuss suitable next steps with you so you can maximise your Teams' potential and tailor it to your organisation's needs.

Stop issues from snowballing into major problems

Our free Teams health check gives you a detailed understanding of how your people use the platform, areas of vulnerability and optimisation opportunities.

Our team of leading Microsoft Teams experts will help you be aware of any underlying risks that can impede upon your organisational growth.

Unlock previously unknown insights and be empowered with real data to improve the health of your Teams environment.

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