Data Science Readiness Workshop

AI, Data Science, Machine Learning… Are they the same? Explore the feasibility of using AI within your business to identify Risks to avoid or Opportunities to optimise. See examples on how our consultants put $millions into EBIT.

We are offering a free 2.5 hour workshop which will provide you with the recommendations for your business.

Our expert consulting team of Data Scientists will cover questions like:

  • What is AI, Data Science and Machine Learning?
  • How would AI, Data Science or Machine Learning impact my business?
  • What are the other people doing with AI?
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Data Science.... What is it?

Actions we take based on what we think is the most plausible causal story, which is one of many inferences we could draw from what we think is interesting in the data we measure and collect.

How will the workshop run?


Art of the Data Science

Formulate Data Science Strategy - Deliverables

  • Introduce AI, Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Understand vision, mission and objectives of the business
  • Gather information on key business scenarios
  • Examples of Data Science in the industry
  • Prioritise high impact and formulate hypothesis from observations
  • Gather and store necessary data
  • Prepare recommendation and next steps
  • Prioritisation of scenarios and next steps built onto a plan
  • Presentation and discussion of recommendations
Find out how Miniso increased their business by 20%

The Data Science Readiness Workshop aims to:

  • Reduced risk: finding patterns in data that is only visible by machine
  • More accurate sales forecasting: using AI to forecast and update the business plan
  • Expand market share: segment your customers correctly and have the right product recommendation